FAQs for Sex Therapy, Psychotherapy & Couples’ Counseling

What can I expect from my first visit?

First visits usually involve you and I getting to know each other in a safe and respectful environment. During a first visit, I’ll ask you what you would like to achieve in therapy and try to get a sense of how we should best proceed.  You can read more here (hyperlink)

What exactly happens in sex therapy?

Sex therapy is a talking therapy that is focused on sexual concerns and intimacy. Sex therapy provides an opportunity for you to express your concerns and difficulties in a safe environment.  Read more about sex therapy here. 

What kinds of sexual issues do people usually seek help for?

Couples and individuals seek help for a variety of sexual and relationship issues.  You will find a list of common issues that men, women and couples come to see me for on my sex therapy page.

How long does therapy last?

The time it takes to sort out issues in therapy varies from one person to another. When we meet, we will decide together which modality is right for you – short-term or long-term. At the same time, we will talk about what you would like to achieve in therapy. I will give you some feedback on my recommendations.

Are your fees covered by insurance?

Many private or extended health care plans cover my services. You can check with your employer or your insurance company to find out about your extended health care benefits.

What are your fees?

My usual fee is $115 for individuals and $135 for couples. I have a sliding fee scale available and try to accommodate people who may find this difficult.

What is your cancellation policy?

I have a 48 hour cancellation policy. If you have an emergency within the 48 hours prior to the session, I will try to offer you a time later in the week to re-schedule the missed appointment.

What are your office hours?

I schedule appointments Monday to Friday from 9.30 AM – 6:30 PM.  For clients who cannot fit into office hours or who live outside of Toronto, I schedule phone (647.282.3943) or Skype appointments.

Do you still have a question? Please call me or email me.